About This Website

Welcome to my website!  My intention is to provide a format to increase awareness and encourage discussion regarding topics related to self-improvement.  The main topics I discuss are:

  • Discussions of Psychology in Popular Media:  I provide clear information related to psychological diagnoses and self improvement.  I often use discussions of psychology in popular media as a framework to help others understand mental health topics better.  We frequently see psychological issues on television- actors going to rehab, celebrities acting erratic or unpredictably.  You may also notice that people in your life act in ways that are confusing to you.  Or, you may also wonder how to deal with an emotional struggle you are having.  The information I provide is intended to help shed some light on mental health issues and give you a clearer understanding of yourself and the world around you.
  • Integrating research and practice:  In the work I do with clients I tend to integrate information from research with clinical experience in providing advice and guidance.  I studied cognitive science during my education, and I am fascinated by the study of the human mind.  Although there is still much to be learned about the brain and how it operates, there exists a great deal of information about the brain, our mind, and human consciousness that can inform how we approach the world and how we deal with suffering.   I will use common terms to explain some ideas and concepts from this area of research to help you learn how to deal with the  inner-workings of your brain and to live your life in a more satisfying way.
  • Mindfulness:  I also work from a mindfulness based perspective.  Mindfulness is a philosophy, or way of living, that is about being in the present moment.  The practice of mindfulness can help you to increase your awareness of what you feel, want and think, and as a result you can more clearly know what is right for you.  The mindfulness tools I present can help increase your ability to trust your intuition and decrease your suffering.


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